Market Analysis of Avon Makeup Products

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Contents Abstract 4 Introduction 5 The Specimen Organization 6 Avon 6 The Value Line Analysis of Avon Makeup Products 7 The Present Status of Avon Makeup Products 7 The Advertisement of Avon Makeup Products 8 Services of Advertising Firms 8 Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP) of Avon Makeup Products 10 Media of Advertising and Accessing the Target Market 10 Four P's of Avon Makeup Products 11 Product 11 Price 12 Place 13 Promotion 14 The Ethical Code of Conduct Followed By Avon 14 Market Share Analysis 14 Market Segments of Avon Makeup Products 14 Conclusion 15 Recommendations 15 References 17 Abstract Companies across the world are determined to compete for the survival of their brands. The magnitude of success of the marketing and advertising strategies of a new or existing product is majorly depended upon the organization itself. As a matter of stated facts when an organization advertises its products in the market they first have to identify the relevant answers of some questions like what is the product aiming at? What benefits will the user seek by this product? How the organization plans to position itself within the market and what differential advantages will the product offer over the competitors. Because the bottom line of all marketing and advertising campaigns, is to provide the suitable collection of benefits to the end users of the product. Successful companies are usually recognized as iconic brands. Success of a

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