Market Analysis of Kindle Fire, the E-Reader by Amazon

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Kindle Fire Market Analysis The Kindle Fire is the latest eReader tablet released by Amazon. Unlike traditional books, magazines, and other paper-based documents, the Kindle Fire eliminates the need for the consumer to allocate physical space to these goods and instead is able to store these paper-based documents in digital form on a single electronic unit. While the Kindle Fire is a convenient and compact device, it is not the only tablet available on the market. The Kindle Fire is one of the most successful tablets currently on the market and is expected to surpass its current market position in the future. The Kindle Fire is an Android based tablet that allows consumers to have access to digitized versions of popular books, magazines, and music. At an affordable price of $199, the Kindle Fire has several desirable features such as a color touchscreen, a dual-core processor, access to digital versions of magazines, music, and books, a lending library, Whispersync, apps that allow the consumer to watch thousands of movies and television programs, cloud storage, web browsing, and the ability to read various types of documents, including PDF files, on the go. However, the Kindle Fire is not the only tablet that offers these features. The Barnes and Noble Nook Color offers similar features and though it was initially priced at $249, the price has since dropped to $199 to better compete with the Kindle Fire. Differences in features, in favor of the Kindle Fire, include a
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