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Tolspp Corporation Market Analysis Tolapp Corporation is one leading financial services companies in the United States and Canada, and continues to grow rapidly. By continuing to grow in North America, Tolapp has set the foundation for quick global growth as well. The market analysis, strategic proposal and implementation plan provided below are provided to guide the corporations' efforts into becoming a global provider of financial services. Market Analysis Included in this section are the market size, market profitability, industry cost structure and market trend analysis for Tolapp Corporation's present and potential growth in North America. 1. Market size The current market size in North American Financial Services market is $54.9B, and is projected to have annual growth through 2017 at a rate of 3.1%(Hoovers, 2013). 2. Market Profitability The industry, while facing relative slow growth at 3.1% through 2017, is profitable. As of the close of 2012, the profitability of the industry was $4.1B, and there are 33,849 companies operating in financial services in North America today. 3. Industry Cost Structure Based on an analysis of the industry and a review of the financial statements of the key companies competing in it, the following cost structure analysis has been created. The Financial Services Cost Structure Analysis is shown in Figure 1. Financial Services Cost Structure Analysis Source: (Hoovers, 2013) 4. Distribution channels The distribution

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