Market Audit and Competition in Brazil

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Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis Market Audit and Competitive Analysis Executive Summary The market audit and competitive analysis, gave us a prospective of the baby food industry in Brazil. There will be many challenges ChuChu will face when first entering the market. The biggest problem will be obtaining market share from the two major brands in Brazil Nestle (Gerber) and Danone (Danito). These two companies have had years of experience in the market as well as a well known brand image in the market. For this reason, Chuchu is prepared to innovate in many ways to gain brand recognition. First, we are partnered with one of the largest and most well-known food companies in Brazil. We discovered that Brazilians like to…show more content…
Being a recognize company, with well-known brands will allow ChuChu to compete directly with the biggest baby food companies in Brazil while being able to use BRF’s distributions centers and partner retailers. In order to educate our audience, we will place “The Best for Your CHUCHU” kiosks around supermarkets that provide parents with classes and information about organic food and the importance of the nutrients to their baby. We will have these educational bases throughout supermarkets and baby stores for around 2 months before we get our product out to the whole country. Resistance to our product might come from being a new brand as well as the word “organic.” If there is any resistance to the products, we will conduct surveys to know more about the customers that assisted to our classes and ask them for input on their point of view towards the product. . The Market The baby food industry in Brazil is highly competitive. Especially with brands from Nestle and Unilever that are the industry leaders. Since we will be joining ventures with BRF, we will have the competitive advantage of their distribution and supplier channels, as well as their brand image. The major cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador, among other big cities that hold the majority of our target market, will be the cities we will enter at the beginning. Since these are metropolitan cities, transportation is advanced as well as easy to enter. Sao Paulo is located in

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