Market Based Economy : The Market Based Economy Of Bangladesh

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The market based economy of Bangladesh is the 46th largest in the world in terms of nominal terms and 33rd largest in terms of PPP. It is among the next 11 market economy and a frontier market. According to IMF, Bangladesh economy is the second most fastest growing economy of 2016 with a rate of 7.1%. Where else the financial sector is the second largest in the sub-continent. The economic sector of Bangladesh is divides into 4 major sectors which are presented below: Agriculture: It is the leading earning sector in both terms of GDP and govt. revenue. Majority of the people earn their livings from this sector. Due to a number of sectors, most of the labor force are focused on agriculture. The sector has achieved steady increase in food grain production despite the unfavorable weather conditions and economical turmoil’s. One of the most important factors claim behind this increase is due to the efficiency use of improved fertilizers and the establishment of better flood control and irrigations. The development of infrastructures and rural credit networks has contributed to the sectors development. Population pressure continues to place a severe burden on productive capacity, creating food deficit especially of wheat. Foreign assistance and economical imports fill the gap but seasonal hunger remains a problem. Under employment remains a serious problem a growing concern for Bangladesh’s agricultural sectors will be its ability to absorb additional manpower. Due to farmer’s

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