Market Challenger Stratgies

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Market Challenger Strategies: A) Frontal Attack: In a frontal attack, the attacker matches its opponent’s price, advertising, price and distribution. The principle of force says that the side with greater resources wins. Examples: * Pepsi Vs Coke * Blackberry Vs Apple [ Blackberry’s frontal attack on Apple with the help of this commercial ] * HUL Vs P&G ( Rin Vs Tide ) [ HUL’s frontal attack on P&G by reducing its price and with the help of this commercial which had become very famous ] B) Flank Attack: Attacking a weak position in the opponent’s force is flank attack. Challenger identifies the weak areas in the offering…show more content…
* Facebook opened up its application programming interface to developers at a time when a move like this was considered a no-no. This resulted in the creation of Apps which at the time were interested the users. It also rolled-out multiple features and new add-ons consistently. Because of this mySpace was left to watch helplessly and struggled to catch on. D) Bypass Attack: The most indirect assault strategy is bypassing the enemy altogether and attacking easier markets to broaden the firms resource base. Examples: * Hindustan Lever and P&G introduced improved detergents Surf Excel and Ariel Plus to bypass the mass market leader Nirma. * While Sony and Microsoft were battling for the top spot in the gaming industry, Nitendo invested heavily in R&D and in the year 2006 released its gaming console Wii with new technological characteristics and an entirely new style of playing games and with expanded appeal to a broader audience. In January 2009, 2.1 million units were sold as compared to 1.6 million units of X Box and 0.72 million units of PS3. * Balaji Wafers has managed to bypass bigger players like Pepsico and Haldiram's in the Rs 600-crore Gujarat market for over two decades since launch. Balaji launched products like Chataka Pataka, Ratlami Sev and Sing Bhujiya, among others, to suit the tastes of the people in Gujrat. * Pepsi bought Tropicana, the market leader for $3.3billion which

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