Market Concentration, 2015 )

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(Market Concentration, 2015). In researching the market conduct since implementation of the ACA, the literary resources where few and far between when giving a concrete definition of the ACA’s impact to date. However previous articles when compare to the statistics before 2010 shed some light on the efficacy of this reform. To begin evaluating market conduct we explore pricing in the current economy.Price is the amount that an individual pays for a service or a product usually driven by the market of the product and the need for those services. The cost for the majority of people is a determining factor on which brand or product you are going to purchase and this goes the same for patients or consumers who have to make healthcare decisions based off of price. One study provided by The Health Care Cost Institute (a new, national database provided currently by Aetna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and United) would suggest prices are now the main driver of health care costs increases. In a study in which the HCCI published results for 2010 spending, they found overall, per capita spending was up 3.3%, with utilization at -5%. This increase was due to price increases such as inpatient care of 5.1 percent, ER visits of 11 percent and professional services of 2.6 percent. Evidence of recent moderation in hospital price growth provided by the Altarum Institute Price Brief for September 2012 shows health care price inflation has increased at 1.9 percent each year, and shows it has
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