Market Concept Essay

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Article from Karl Moore:
Karl Moore is PHd associate professor in the Faculty of Management at McGill University was responsible for writing the article “The Marketing Concept- RIP” which was published July 17th, 2006. He discusses the decline and the increasing irrelevance of the marketing concept idea and how firms are adapting this strategy in today’s market.

Moore emphasis on the following points:
1. Importance of market research before launching a product
2. The need to focus on the product’s usage by the end users
3. The difficulty firms face to implement the marketing concept strategy in today’s market place.

The author uses the example of the high-tech sector and explains why he feels the marketing concept applied in
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Moore goes into more detail about the high tech industry, giving the example of the Sony walkman and how the product was developed. He also explains that if Sony followed the Marketing concept theory in creating the walkman, it would have failed. He follows this explanation of the Sony walkman with the comment “with many high tech products you cannot get a very reliable data from current customers about the potential uses of your future products.” This statement is by far the most ludicrous statement thru out the entire article and makes absolutely no sense. The vast majority of high tech industries rely solely on how customers perceive new and future products. Look at the Apple IPods. Apple made sure they always stayed ahead of the game by releasing new hardware, software, or better and newer applications for the iPod (Taber. 2007). People love new and flashy products so this was a great way to sell a product. The iPod has become a fashion accessory and a must have. People salivate if there hear a new and more updated version of the iPod is coming out, they want a product that can hold more music and data. Why would they want a “dinosaur” iPod that only holds 1000 songs when they can get an iPod that holds 2000, takes videos, and has downloadable apps? In this sense, the iPod marketing concept strategy made sense because it consistently advanced Apple’s emerging
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