Market Conditions and Competitive Analysis ECO/365 Essay

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Market Conditions and Competitive Analysis ECO/365 September 16, 2013 Market Conditions and Competitive Analysis AT&T began business back in the 19th century when AT&T became the parent company of Bell System. At the time Bell System held a monopoly in telephone service and was considered to be the best in the world. In 1984 Bell broke into eight different organizations and until 1986 AT&T was part of an integrated telecommunication service. Today AT&T is a global leader in the telecommunications and continues to grow (AT&T, 2013). One of the best technological ideas that helped AT&T stay competitive in the market was the introduction of the Apple iPad. The iPad offers different features and options for different ages,…show more content…
This is demonstrated in the second quarter of 2012, Apple iPad shipments consisted of 17 million units, which took up 47.2% market share. This changed significantly in 2013, where iPad shipments dropped to 14.6 million and market share dropped to 28.3%. The Android operating system devices continued to dominate in 2012 by shipping 18.5 million devices that was 51.4% market share and in 2013 increased to 34.6 million devices increasing to 67% of the market share in tablet devices. In an effort to compete on price and increase demand for the tablet, the Apple began to produce the iPad Mini to entice users away from the android operating system devices. The iPad Mini is currently priced competitively with the Android systems but may not be able to compete with the Android loyal users. Other factors that Apple must contend with and work on is creating an iPad that can bring Android loyal users. Apple will need to look for innovative ways to win over Android users to the iOS operating system devices produced by Apple. With current market shares waning and the flexibility of operating systems devices Apple will need to look for innovation to entice users back to the Apple iPad product line. The iPad is entering a competitive market as companies such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Samsung, and Android are releasing similar products. However, iPad has a competitive edge because it contains innovative product
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