Market / Customer Analysis : Target Customers

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Target Customers:
Our target customers will be college students, busy professionals and those people who earn fixed income. We will solve the issues of these targeted customers in a way that they will be offered particular packages. So in this way we will offer them a fast and reliable buying process that will fit into their busy schedules and lifestyles. They will be motivated to buy the product through short and fast buying process that we will offer to our targeted customers. Additionally particular food packages will be offered to them by considering their health issues like diabetes etc. So in this way they will able to choose their desired product in a very short time. This will motivate them because they will not have to wait for longer hours to get their desired food. The age of college students ranges from 18 to 21 years. While busy professionals are the adults and their age is above 21 years. Similarly fixed income seniors are aged above 30 years.
Strengths, Weaknesses and Differentiation of our product:
The main strength of our product is that it will be offered in specific packages that will be prepared for those customers who are having busy schedule, have no transportation, and all kind of people. If we could prepare a healthy food package, people will be able to get their desired food in a healthy form. Moreover the customers will be able to get it by just checking a box on the website of our online grocery store. Main weakness of…
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