Market KNowledge of Telecommunications

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Market knowledge of telecommunications and internet services is based on a wider scheme of investigations both from operators and from users. Improving the quality of products and services provided to a consumer remains a major challenge for both telecommunications companies and Internet service in Bahrain : BATELCO and VIVA, especially the third competitor ZAIN also imposes a quality and price even more attractive. However, the consumer is submerged by a great confusion about the commercial offers and fee schedules offers by BATELCO and VIVA. This competition normally make a natural happiness for the consumer. The questions often comes to mind : • Who is the best between BATELCO and VIVA? • Which is the cheapest? • Who has the best services? The answer is never obvious and those who give opposing subjectivity, motivated by a particular sympathy for the national operator or the private operator. The content of this report aims to examine the concurrence between two great telecommunications companies running in Bahrain : BATELCO and VIVA. This report focuses its investigation on the terms of packages, prices and offers, offered these two companies of telecommunications. The purpose of this study is to identify which one of the two telecommunications companies is preferred by customers and why. This study have also another objective which is to show, using both analysis, which of these two companies BATELCO and VIVA is better for customers, aimed to make recommendations
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