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Integrated Marketing Communication Plan of Dunkin’ Donuts
MKTG522 – Marketing Management

Executive Summary
Starting in the spring of 2016, Dunkin’ Donuts will be offering a new version of their coffee. This new product will be iced coffee in a can in the plain, mocha and vanilla flavors. These products will be available in local grocery stores at competitive prices. The plan is to use a penetration strategy to enter the market and obtain customers currently purchasing Starbucks products. There will be different marketing communications available to use such as television, internet and print. As the target market uses technology on a day-to-day basis, internet and television media will be utilized to its maximum potential. It will be
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(Company Snapshot, n.d.)
Dunkin’ Donuts has already branched out to sell their coffee grounds in grocery stores, but there is still a lot of market to gain. For that reason, a new product will be launched next year as a strategy to gain a larger market share and increase total revenue. This product will be iced coffee available in cans in local grocery stores. Each store will stock plain, mocha and vanilla flavors at competitive prices.
New survey results suggest that full-service restaurant operators can boost sales of these cool, caffeinated concoctions simply by offering plenty of flavored options in addition to plain iced coffee. 55% of U.S. consumers drink iced coffee, with 42 percent drinking iced coffee at home. (Admin. 2014)
IMC Objectives
Dunkin’ Donuts is developing a new product line which is iced coffee. This product will retain current customers and attract new ones. At the moment, Dunkin’ Donuts does not have a canned iced coffee product that competes with other coffee retailers during hot summers or in supermarkets. The main objectives are to gain larger market share through its new product and increase total revenue by 10%.
Attract new customers
The target customer for Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee will live in urban and suburban areas, be between the ages of 20-34 and 35-49, have some high school, some college, or completed a college education, will be young, single, married with no children, or married with children, will be
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