Market Orientation And Relationship Marketing

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Recently interest in marketing area increase tremendously and this interest has deeply happened because ‘marketing’ term became popular and development rapidly (Esteban et al., 2002). In this review the focus is on two areas of marketing which are market orientation and relationship marketing. Market orientation is a mean for constructing relationship and communication knowledge with customers in terms of satisfying customers and make them loyal (Balarabe, Gambo kk, 2014). On the other hand there is another strategy, which is customer relationship that consider about relationship between customers and organizations in log-term (Tareg, 2012). In case of hotel industry marketing tool can be useful and relevant to attract tourists to a destination (ibid). This review, firstly the definition and various aspects of the theories will be considered. Secondly a discussion about applying these theories in hotel industry and how they work and finally conclusion.

Relationship marketing

In 1980 relationship marketing appeared as an alternative to the dominant perspective of marketing as a series of exchanges, because many of these transactions exclusively in the service industry have a relationship with nature (Berry, 1983; Dwyer et al., 1987; Gro ̈nroos, 1994; Gummesson, 1994; Sheth and Parvatiyar, 2000 (in Leverin and Liljander, 2006).
Relationship marketing defines as an establishing and maintaining the buyer-seller relationship in long
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