Essay on Market Plan of Htc

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1.0 Introduction Presentation of HTC Corporation HTC Corporation (HTC) is a Taiwanese operation founded in May 1997 in Taiwan, which is one of the most influential, creative and leading players in global telecommunications with an n increasing influence in the industry’s future (HTC quietly billion, 2012). HTC’s portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the Android and HTC Sense™ operating systems (HTC Annual Report, 2010). Focusing on smartphone market; devoting to innovation and design in the mobile phone industry; and committing to develop exceptional technology and products to cater for the diverse and exceed needs of users are HTC’s current brand strategies. In addition, HTC response to market changes fast and provides…show more content…
Since the smartphone industry is knowledge-technology-based, highly specialized, undergoing rapid changing, internationalized and undertaking a great deal of information acquisition and transaction, therefore, their activities and operating requires support of public sector (Parker, 2005). HTC Corp. while committing to comply with national laws and regulations, HTC also has its company code, which covers the General Moral Imperative, and Conflict of Interests and Suppliers and Customer Relationship area (HTC’s Code of Conduct. 2012). Otherwise, HTC Corp. necessarily to concern participates and in cooperation with organizations as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which is a statutory authority within the federal government portfolio of Broadband, the Digital Economy and Communications, including telecommunications, the internet and radio communication. Moreover, HTC Corp. should responsible for all HTC contracts, answerable for trademarks and patents, cognize of intellectual properties, responsible for all the lawsuits and legal affairs. 2.12 Economic factors In terms of the economic environment, inflation, currency fluctuations, taxation, tariffs and increased interest rates are strongly affect Australian economics. Also directly and indirectly affects HTC’s financial performance. Stakeholder’s income and purchasing power are
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