Market Potential And Target Customer For Our Organization

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Market Potential 6. Clearly define the market potential you will be estimating. In other words, you will be calculating the annual expenditures of which group of potential customers on what product or service? Virtually Invited designs AR components into promotional material such as invitations and will be targeting event planning companies. What these companies have in common is they provide a service in which could potentially utilizes our services in a larger scale than individuals. Event planning companies would be the target customer for our organization. Targeting event planners allow for a greater market potential considering these companies host multiple events a year at a much larger scale than an individual. They also need quality promotional material to garner the highest turnout in order to garner a return on investment. AR is a great way to help keep track of how many potential guest have not just seen but engaged with the promotional material. It is also a great tool for planners to merge technologies and include a link to register for the event quickly and easily. 7. List all the relevant data you have gathered indicating the sources (If the information is extensive, attach the list of sources as an appendix) 8. Clearly explain any calculations or logic involved in estimating the market potential, and indicate the dollar value of your estimate. A medium event of around 300-500 guests would start at around $50,000(“How to Start an Event Planning Service,”
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