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Munchy’s company is one of food company type which in variety of biscuits, wafers, cracers and cookies type. In Malaysia, the headquarters succesfully established at Johor, around 1991. The Munchy’s term was derived from the Mandarin term “Mai Oi”.”Mai” which means flour or wheat and “Oi” that refers to the magical quality found in it’s delicious wafer.Nowadays, the brands distributed all over country including Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America to expand the networking branched.
The main marketing objectives of company include making communication with customers by good promotions and expanded advertising.Otherwhile, there must be a good distribution for Munchy’s in global
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Geografic factor
Not all the country in the world would accept and like food product like biscuit and wafer because their staple food is from difference kind of resourses.
Demografic factor
This product is for all children and also for teenager and adults. Children is the highest consumer than the others. The consumer consist from no limit income because biscuit it available in small quantity and cheap.There is a special biscuit for baby for their food.
Seasonal factor
Biscuit and wafer are most demand in a party or as a present for an even.Sometimes this food become popular because of the promotion by consumer who had ate this food.

Marketing Mix * Product
Munchy’s boasts a great range of portfolio that includes biscuits, wafers and wafer sticks. With the commitment to have facilities of the highest quality in order to achieve the best product quality, the company has invested in fully-integrated conveyer system to state-of-the-art warehouses. This includes two wafer plants, four biscuit plants and four wafer-stick machines with 16 production lines – which allow Munchy’s to have maximum production capacity of 5,000 tonnes upwards per month. Today, Munchy’s carries more than 70 products, including wafer cubes, crackers, assorted biscuits, wafer rolls, wafer sticks (coated and uncoated), sandwich biscuits, cookies and plain sweet biscuits.

The evergreen favourites are: * Calcium / Sugar /
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