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With references to your experiences in the module but more importantly, the literature, critically evaluate the key issues in designing and running an assessment centre. There are two different purposes of assessment centres. They are mostly commonly known for the purpose of selecting and choosing suitable individuals for jobs. The literature supports the validity of this form of selection and recruiting, most notably a study undertaken by (Gaugler, Rosenthal, Thornton, and Bentson, 1987.) The second purpose for assessment centres is for developing managerial talent. This is where internal participants are developed through the use of assessment centres. Using assessment centres for this purpose was recently studied and supported by…show more content…
(Gaugler and Thorton, 1989.) A study by (Lievens, 1998) results suggested that the competencies of an assessment centre must be clearly defined in language that is specific to the job and that this should be drawn from the initial job analysis undertaken to identify the competencies. The goal in doing this is that clearly defined competencies will make it much easier for assessors to identify and classify the behaviours they observe from candidates during the assessment centre’s exercises. Through my own experiences I found assessing 3 competencies at a time was a suitable number and believe that had I to assess any more than 3 then the assessment would have been much more difficult and my observations unreliable. I believe the competencies of my assessment centre were clearly defined, which allowed me to easily observe and identify the behaviours against the competency framework. A key issue is the number of assessors required to run the centre. There can be instances where the centre requires only a few assessors to successfully monitor the candidates. Generally, the more candidates involved means the more assessors required. No matter how accomplished the assessor may be it is highly unlikely they will be able to assess more than a few people at a time, thus the candidate to assessor ratio is important to consider. (Melancon, S.C, Williams, C, 2006) states that the typical designing of an
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