Market Research About Scope And Relevance Of Ug Products

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A Report on


Submitted for partial fulfilment of award of


Dhruv Verma
Enrolment No: 1221000643

Under the Guidance of
Mr. Devendra Mishra
Marketing Manager
(Lilac Education Services Pvt.Ltd.)

Institute Management and Technology (IMT-CDL)

My Internship in Lilac Education Services Pvt.Ltd. gave me a privilege to do Market Research in education industry.
The objective of Internship was to find the Scope and Relevance of UG Products in Ghaziabad.

This survey was conducted with the help of structured questionnaire having both closed and open ended questions and with the Regular seminars in
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Both in the theoretically and in practical , courses with research based components have tended to be considered quite separately from research experiences initiated by researchers and outside of students formal classes such as vacation scholarship programs. Although, all the opportunities to engage in research during their time at university, whether in formal classes or outside of them, constitute, for students, the experienced curriculum and, as such, need to be considered together.
If academics are mixed in undergraduate teaching or mixed in research, curriculum decisions have to be taken about the overall structure and framework of the undergraduate research experience, what it is intended students should gain from it and how and whether their work is to be assessed. Sometimes curriculum decisions are taken at an institutional level, for example, when there is a decision to implement a summer vacation research experience across the whole campus. Sometimes the decision-making is at a departmental or course team level, for example, when a decision is taken to move the particular degree program to a problem-based and inquiry-based curriculum. Research-based learning methods are enacted by individuals and course or subject teams within particular format frameworks including traditional ones, and there are a number of decisions that have to be taken regarding the particular formats through which learning is to occur. To integrate different
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