Market Research : Differential Marketing

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Market Research Differential marketing will be the method of marketing used to market Waters Bottling Company 's new venture, the Refreshing bottled water. The Refreshing 's bottle design may appeal to the women, but the men in the lives of the women would like to be refreshed too. The team has decided not to segment a particular market in the initial phase of distribution but will address to so in the expansion, later. Who does not want to feel refreshed? If it can be done with a bottle of water, then great!!! Now, the product to meet that need is available The reason for the market research is to determine what the consumer is looking for in bottled water. Also, to determine what would persuade a loyal consumer to try…show more content…
The survey will be created by college students majoring in Food Science, to gain experience in quality control. The students will also conduct the surveys and analyze the data. These volunteer college students will be from various regions, races, and economic backgrounds. This will give different perspectives on the product. This information gathered will be introduced to focus groups as our second research method. The focus group will consist of teams from marketing, production, and quality assurance To make the data visually easier to decipher, the presentation of data will be in various graph forms. We will use bar graphs to present the overall numbers for each category, but we will use pie graphs to present the percentages of the data. Again, this will give different angles of the information being presented. Then, the focus group will determine if something regarding the product needs to be changed to increase the marketability of the Refreshing, or if adapting something in the commercial would be necessary. We would then make any needed adjustments, and then place the Refreshing brand bottled water in 3 locations where cold bottled water would be in demand, as a test market. Consumer Behavior The marketing campaign goal is to take the wandering customer, the discount customer, and the impulsive customer, and turn then into a loyal customer. In the B2C process, the research team will focus on what the consumer
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