Market Research Implementation Plan Essay

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Market Research Implementation Plan Use of market research concerning the Yankees organizations’ proposed increase in ticket, concession, and merchandise prices to enable the organization financially to obtain a Major League Baseball (MLB) championship team. An online secondary research resource is selected and applied to the marketing research implementation plan. Additionally, two of the four market research tools previously analyzed will be selected to develop two survey instruments. Recommendations of sampling procedures for implementing the survey instruments are also discussed.
Secondary Market Research for the Yankees
Is the Yankees payroll almost laughable at this point? For a better part of the past two decades the New York
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New York had 20 sellouts, the most in the three-year history of the current Yankee Stadium” (Newman, 2011, para. 8). When will fans eventually say enough is enough, or will the MLB eventually see team payrolls at three, four, or five hundred million dollars per year and ticket prices more than a hundred dollars per game?
Although the Yankees’ organization amassed $427 million in revenue in 2011, almost half of the other teams in baseball did not amass nearly half that in revenue. The next closest team (the Boston Red Sox) accumulated $272 million. The rest of the teams accumulated the following in revenue in 2011. The Los Angeles Dodgers $246 million, Chicago Cubs $258 million, New York Mets $233 million, Philadelphia Phillies $239 million, San Francisco Giants $230 million, Texas Rangers $206 million, Los Angeles Angels $222 million, Chicago White Sox $210 million, St. Louis Cardinals $207 million, Minnesota Twins $213 million, Atlanta Braves $201 million, Houston Astros $197 million, Seattle Mariners $204 million, Washington Nationals $194 million, Colorado Rockies $188 million, Baltimore Orioles $175 million, San Diego padres $159 million, Arizona Diamondbacks $180 million, Detroit Tigers $192 million, Milwaukee Brewers $179 million, Cincinnati Reds $179 million, Florida Marlins $143 million, Cleveland Indians $168 million, Kansas City Royals $160 million, Toronto Blue Jays $168
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