Market Research Methods For Business

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Market research methods in business
Primary research is data that is gathered first hand from an original source, and has not been collected before. It often involves going out and asking people for information, hence its alternative name field research.
Observational research involves watching and observing people’s activities. For example, businesses use cookies on their websites in order to track what pages users are visiting on their website. By using cookies, businesses will be able to know what pages are most popular among users on their website. Information collected through cookies can also help businesses improve marketing and their website. Experimental research is when an investigation or test is conducted in order to discover new opportunities which can help to maximise revenues for a business. This could be done by aiming their product at a different demographic e.g. elderly people and modifying (or experimenting with) their product to make it more appealing to that demographic. Surveys involve asking people questions in order to collect information about what people think about something. This can be done face to face, by telephone, by post and online too.
E-marketing research involves using the internet to contact and interact with consumers about a businesses’ product(s). Examples of e-marketing include online surveys and cookies (as mentioned before). A focus group is a research method in which a small group of people are asked to give their opinions and
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