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| Market Research Proposal | Presented to: | By : Bryan Phua A1697509 By : Bryan Phua A1697509 | Contents 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. BUSINESS OBJECTIVE 2 2.1. Research Parameters 2 3. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH (FOCUS GROUP INTERVIEWS) 3 3.1. Purpose 3 3.2. Sampling 3 3.3. Procedure 4 4. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH (SELF-ADMINISTERED QUESTIONNAIRES) 4 4.1 Purpose 4 4.2 Sampling 5 4.3 Procedure 6 5. DATA ANALYSIS 6 6. TIMELINE 7 7. APPENDICES 8 1. INTRODUCTION Palmer’s is one of the world’s leading brands in skincare - sold in more than 80 countries Founded in America in 1840, Palmer’s has fought its way to create a trusted household name. Palmer’s is primarily known for body moisturizer…show more content…
The focus will be on the relationships between face care products and a variable such as, Age, Income group, face types and trends. Simultaneously, we would also like to find out if Palmer’s current marketing strategy – its Cocoa Butter Formula appeals to the purchase decisions of our target market. Below is an example of 2 such questions Table 1 Question | Research type | Question Structure | Data Analysis (refer to section 5) | 1. I’m interested to hear, what infuences your purchase decisions when it comes to face care products? – 10 mins - what are the attributes you would consider important? (e.g price, quality, brand, feel, functionality) | Qualitative | Focus group (exploratory) | Inductive - Gather Data- Look for patterns- Develop Theory | 2. What Brands of face care products do you currently use? Why? – Here are a few samples of face care products, which one are you more likely to purchase? Why? | Qualitative | Focus group(exploratory) | Inductive - Gather Data- Look for patterns- Develop Theory | Focus group interviews allow respondents to freely express themselves through open ended questions, it also reduces ambiguity that arises from survey questionnaires. Perspectives on purchase decisions for face care products can be sensitive as it deals with one’s face type and one’s sense of beauty and thus the possibility of respondents committing acquiescence or social desirability

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