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1. Executive summary The purpose of this research report is to find out whether customers are interested in an online hypermarket. To analyze this, the research is divided in three topics. The first one discusses the interest from customers to buy online. The second looks at drivers and barriers for people to buy online. Finally, the third topic investigates the different product categories that Caddyhome should include in their assortment. To analyze these topics, a market research was conducted through a face to face questionnaire and the results analyzed through a statistical program called SPSS. These results can be found in Appendix A. On the basis of these results, recommendations are given to Caddyhome regarding these topics.…show more content…
Sample design For the purpose of our market research, we used a nonprobability sampling. We focused on people who, at least, sometimes buy online. We used a convenience sample, which means that we asked people who were available when and where we collected our data. Our sample was conducted among 100-150 respondents with Dutch, Belgian, French and Spanish nationalities. This should be enough in order to get some insight of the interest of the customers for the project and derive some relevant results from it. 5. Research questions, hypothesis and data analysis I. The interest to buy in an online hypermarket To analyze this topic we have six research questions. After we have tested the corresponding hypotheses, we give a short recommendation to Caddyhome regarding this topic. Research question 1 Are customers interested in purchasing in an online hypermarket? H0: Customers are indifferent to buy in an online hypermarket. (µ=3) Ha: Customers are not indifferent to buy in an online hypermarket. (µ is not equal to 3) The questionnaire question we addressed for this research question is question 4. To test this research question we decided to use a one sample t-test (two tailed) with a test value of 3. We decided to use a one sample t-test because we only have 1 sample (all the respondents) and our dependent variable has interval data. The test is two-sided because the

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