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Marketing Research Proposal

Organization: The Beerenberg farm

1. Identify the target customer and discuss the market segmentation of the organization.
Market segmentation is dividing a market into direct groups of consumers who might separate products requirements or marketing mixes, the process of classifying customers into groups with different need and requirement. (Kotler et al 2010, p.264). In this proposal, the market segmentation will be discussed from three aspects, which are demographic, behaviours and psychographic.
In this section, four elements of demographic segmentation will be briefly discussed. The age group, life style, gender and income level. In terms of the products is focusing on the quality and the
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This could always attract the customers to purchase the products.

Bargaining power of suppliers
This force has the least impact of the organization. In terms of the Beerenburg farm has their own farm and own manufacture line and is a family owned business, which indicates they have fully control of the process. This could be the competitive advantage that will beat other brands on the market.

4. Decide whether qualitative or quantitative data (or both) will be applied in this research and briefly discuss the suggestions.
In this proposal, a combination of qualitative and quantitative data should be applied.
The qualitative research approach aims to have a greater understanding on a specific problem by focusing on small sample and non-statistical data analysis. However, the quantitative research approach focuses on the measurement and analysing the data in a statistical way. Furthermore, qualitative research is more likely to ask open question which is different from close question that quantitative research ask. In this proposal, the Beerenberg farm could use both research methods to satisfy the research objects. (Zikmund et al. 2011, p.69) Firstly, the quantitative research method could be used to identify the customer type and help organization have a brief idea. Secondly, the qualitative research method could be used
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