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Market Research Proposal Launch of White chocolate by Cadbury Submitted to Prof. Satya Bhushan Dash Submitted by GROUP 1A Gaurav Singh PGP25017 Hariharan D PGP25018 Himanshu Garg PGP25019 Karthik S PGP25021 Girish Sahani PGP25042 Saradha Nandhini PGP25047 March, 2010 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Management Decision Problem 2 Marketing Research Problem 2 Research Objectives 2 Research Design and Methodology 2 Research Tools 2 Research Questions and Hypotheses 2 Questionnaire 2 Data Analysis Plan 2 Appendix 1 2 Appendix 2 2 Appendix 3 2 Appendix 4 2 Appendix 5 2 Introduction The chocolate industry in India as it stands today is dominated by two companies, both multinationals. The market leader is Cadbury with a lion's share of…show more content…
Literature review to determine various factors influencing the selection of chocolate and their consumption 2. Separate Focus Group Discussions of target users and prospective users (currently non users) of brown and white chocolates to gain insights into differences between preferences of users and non-users of chocolates. 3. In-depth interviews to determine consumers’ perception of the products and the latent needs required to be satisfied by the new product 4. Research questions and hypotheses created by the preceding steps and research tool (questionnaire) to be prepared and pre tested 5. Create a sampling plan, determine sample size and conduct survey using methods mentioned in the survey plan section. 6. Analyze data obtained from survey in order to establish the opportunity and expected product features. 7. Make recommendations on the basis of the research findings. Exploratory Research Market Share Cadbury( Dairy Milk, Perk, Gems, 5 Star, Celebrations, Bytes, Dairy Milk Éclairs, Éclairs Crunch): 70% Nestle: 15% Others: GCMMF CAMPCO HLL ITC Per Capita Chocolate Consumption in India: 20gms per person Annual consumption: 22,000 tons The market size of chocolates was estimated to be around 16,000 tonnes, valued around Rs. 4.16 billion in 1998. Volume growth which was over 20% pa in the 3 years preceding 1998, slowed down thereafter. Both chocolate and sugar confectioneries have

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