Market Research Report : Exclusive Weddings

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Market Research Report: 
Exclusive Weddings 11th of November 2014 Completed by: Chloe-Jayne Beckett Completed for: CJB Exclusive Wedding Consultants A Report Researched and Published by: 
Chloe-Jayne Beckett Table of Contents Market Research Report: 
Exclusive Weddings 1 Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Background Information 4 Key Question 4 Research Objectives 5 Research Design and Methodology 5 Research Results 6 Findings 6 Impact of Results 11 Recommendations 11 Conclusion 11 References 12 Appendices 13 Executive Summary The following report identified one target market to whom this service would cater to, considering cost largely of the making up of this market. Further research also determined…show more content…
Background Information From conceptualisation, creative direction, technical management through to implementation & completion, CJB Exclusive Wedding Consultants acknowledges the importance of ‘you’ the client. Your personality, inspiration and objectives are constantly at the forefront of any designed wedding embarked on. Acknowledging that every client as well as their Wedding is individual, unique & must capture that ‘wow’ factor. Through heightening your guests:
• Sense of smell; through implementing fragrant floral arrangements
• Sense of taste; through biting into one of the carefully selected entrée’s • Sense of touch; relaxing & reclining on one of our leather coaches, whilst also brushing up against a silk covered cushion
• Sense of sound; the echoing rhythms of your entertainment, makes your feet start tapping
• Sense of sight; a complete transformation of the original venue, through drapery or self standing screens, lighting & staging design. Your CJB Exclusive Wedding Consultants Wedding, will prove to provide an experience to bride and groom and each guest, one that will remain a memory long after the completion of the night
 Key Question What is our target market? What type/theme of Wedding is most sort out? What characteristics do each target market look for when selecting there wedding

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