Market Research Report : Exclusive Weddings

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Market Research Report: 
Exclusive Weddings

11th of November 2014

Completed by: Chloe-Jayne Beckett
Completed for: CJB Exclusive Wedding Consultants
A Report Researched and Published by: 
Chloe-Jayne Beckett

Table of Contents
Market Research Report: 
Exclusive Weddings 1
Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 3
Background Information 4
Key Question 4
Research Objectives 5
Research Design and Methodology 5
Research Results 6
Findings 6
Impact of Results 11
Recommendations 11
Conclusion 11
References 12
Appendices 13 Executive Summary

The following report identified one target market to whom this service would cater to, considering cost largely of the making up of this market. Further research also determined the many trends of the industry including the rise of industry. The research also aims to identify the other major competitors within the industry, and the current trends. It shows the majority woman between the age of 25-25 are out sourcing the wedding planner, as well as big and elegant weddings being most sort out, past clients are the majority reason as to why people will select a particular wedding planner. The evidence gathered shows the more defined market segment to cater towards, also what type of wedding to advert to gain more clientele. Using the information the most appropriate recommendations would for CJB Exclusive Wedding Consultants to focus majority on women between the age of 25-35 to advertise big elegant weddings, and…
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