Market Research Report about Wales Recycling Campaign

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1. Introduction: Since the national waste strategy for Wales was launched in 2002, the Welsh recycling has got a dramatic development (Wales Government, 2010a). In 2010, Welsh government revises its overarching waste strategy to “Toward Zero Waste”. Based on this strategy, Wales will achieve highly recycle in 2025 and zero waste by 2050 (Wales Government, 2014a). In the past three years, the tonnes of waste recycled and composted have appeared a significant raising (statswales, 2014a). Meanwhile, the amount of waste and the tonnes of landfilled waste both have an obviously decrease (statswales, 2014b; statswales, 2014c). Although the series recycle strategies achieved positive effects, there are still lots of waste was produced every year. Almost half of waste was still landfilled. In 2012, totally 783,563 tonnes waste was landfilled by Welsh government (statswales, 2014b), while 783,598 tonnes waste was recycled or composed (statswales, 2014a). Welsh Government has organized many campaigns to enhance rubbish recycle condition. In this report, the success of existing recycling campaign will be analysed. Next, some primary researches about Welsh recycling condition will be showed. Furthermore, according to the previous analysis, the main issues faced by the Welsh Assembly Government will be summarized. Finally, we will put up the objectives and target publics for further campaign. 2.Existing Campaign Analysis In current, the campaign of Welsh recycling is mainly managed by
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