Market Research & Strategic Analysis: Apple Case in China

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APPLE IN CHINA GAIN THE POWER BACK Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 A. ANALYSIS 4 I. Strategic Issue 4 II. Analyze the Apple situation 4 1. Student slave Labor: Chinese students forced to 'intern ' at iPhone factory. 4 2. Warranty Scandal: Worse Warranty policy to China compare to other countries 5 3. Underdeveloped infrastructure: only 8 retail stores 5 4. Competition facts 6 5. Other facts: The relationship between China and USA 7 6. Conclusion about Apple strategic issue 7 7. Information gaps: 7 IV. Position the company in the context of the issue 9 1. SWOT Analysis of Apple in China 9 2. A PESTEL Analysis of Apple in China 9 V. Identify and Map the actors 10 B. AUTOMIZED SCANNING PROCESS – KEY…show more content…
Suggested actions include operational ones for immediate actions and strategic ones for a longer period of time in the future so that Apple can still maintain its image in China market. Besides, these specific activities are also prioritized based on the urgency of each one. Last but not least, the Communication Strategy part ensures that every of Apple activities should maintain its key message and indicates how Apple will communicate its activities to its stakeholders. From the provided recommendations, it is hoped that Apple management can consider implementation for strengthening their position within the tablet and smart-phone market in China. A. ANALYSIS I. Strategic Issue Apple is being criticized in China for three main issues, including slave labor, guarantee scandal and underdeveloped infrastructure. However, China is a significant market for Apple. Apple’s market share in China is continuously growing while decreasing in mature countries. Issues related to human rights and labor protection in China are sensitive and of globally mutual concern. If we do not address these issues properly, we will lose Chinese customers as well as suppliers and sub-contractors. This may also seriously impact the reputation and sales of Apple products worldwide. II. Analyze the Apple situation 1. Student slave Labor: Chinese students forced to 'intern '
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