Market Research : The World Keeps Evolving Day By Day

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Luan Bui 008971677 Spring 2016 SE172 Market Research As the world keeps evolving day by day, technology has become an essential thing in our daily lives. Many tech-companies have been established due to huge expectation from people who are always enthusiastic about new inventions. However, not so many companies could survive in very competitive markets like PC computing, software, hardware, etc. In the early 1990s, as PC computing began to proliferate in the industry, software development faced a crisis. Expected estimated the time for a startup business to have a shippable application in production was about three years. This was even worse when it came to others area in the industry. For example, in aerospace and defense, the average time for a typical complex project could easily be more than 20 years. As a result, many projects ended up being cancelled in the middle of the development phase. Some were complete but did not meet all the business’s current needs. Conclusively, project management is the primary cause for those failures. Fortunately, the agile process management has been established from a small group of software leaders to solve the management issue. Agile is a set of development methods which promotes adaptive planning, early delivery. Not only that, it also encourages rapid and flexible responses to requirements changes at any phase of the development process. It is true to say that agile process has given companies, businesses a more sophisticated
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