Market Research of Ethnic Wear (Women's Ready-to-Wear) in India

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ABSTRACT: The project analysis the potential consumer of ready-to-wear ethnic wear for hypermarket format in terms of demographic and psychographic. The journey starts with designing of a questionnaire so as to conduct a primary survey which would help to develop the demographic and psychographic profile. The questionnaire developed was in a way that the target audience can be categorized and the audience with highest potential was selected and studied in detail. The final outcome of the research was drawing promotional strategies for the target segment categorized into ATL and BTL strategies. INTRODUCTION: A hypermarket is a superstore which combines a supermarket and a department store. The result is a very large retail facility which…show more content…
2. Below 20, consumer is quite prominent and strong in Category D. 3. Thus, the segment to be targeted in terms of age bar is mixed but largely above 20yrs. 4. Average consumer age is to be taken as 28yrs. Inferences: 1. In Category C and E, majority of women are married. 2. Only in Category D, majority of women are single. 3. Here, being married or unmarried is not an issue to define, but married status is prominent. Inferences: 1. It is evident from the above graph that majority of women which are the target consumer are working in all three categories. 2. Further, in Category C and E women are then chiefly housewives. 3. Except for Category D where majority of women are students. 4. Targeting working women chiefly. Housewives and students are also a strong enough consumer, but not as strong as working women as a consumer. Inferences: 1. Expenditure pattern here helps define the income of the consumer to be targeted. 2. The pattern is very versatile, i.e. maximum consumer in Category C, D and E are willing to spend below 1000 per month on apparels and then 1000-2000. 3. There are a good percentage of consumers willing to spend above 5000 as well. Psychographic Profile: General Characteristics: 1. The maximum consumer to be targeted is under Category E. The highest percentage, that is, 38% is under this category. The general personality traits or psychographic traits that are being targeted are of a homely
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