Market Research on Online Shopping in India

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Contents Abstract 3 Introduction with special reference to Indian context 3 Literature Review 5 Research questions & Hypothesis 8 Methodology 11 Analysis 14 Findings 19 Discussion And Managerial Implications .22 Summary with special reference to similarities & dissimilarities with the previous research 19 Limitations 19 Scope for further research 19 Bibliography 20

The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of consumer perceptions in regards to online
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Out of them, the numbers of active internet users were 32 million and maximum users were in the age bracket of 18-24 years. Active internet users were defined as those who have accessed the internet at least once a month. The number of online shoppers too is growing rapidly. The same IAMAI report puts the total online transactions at Rs. 7,080 crores (approx $1.75 billion) for the year 2006-07.The report also points out rising trend of internet shopping in metropolitans such as Delhi and Mumbai where both consumers and merchants have become equally net-savvy. Not only had the metropolitans that have witnessed an increase in the population of online shopper’s small cities also witnessed an increase in online shopping activities. The rise in online shopping is not just for consumer markets, the government is another user of the online buying. A series of initiatives from the
Government, public sector banks and Indian Railways have helped boost the confidence of users to trade online. Online spending is largely towards travel ecommerce side. Out of Rs.7000 crores out of the total Rs.9210 is expected to be spent on online purchase related to air tickets/railways / bus etc.
The purpose of the case study is to understand the perception of consumers towards online shopping. A sample size of 100 respondents has been taken into consideration across various
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