Market Road Essay

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After the success of “Rippling Water” we’ve decided to start working on another EP. We’ve entitled this project “Market Road” which we got from the term, commonly used in Texas, “Farm to Market Road”, meaning “a state road or country road that connects rural or agricultural towns to market towns.” These roads would quite often have signs labeling them as “Farm roads” or “Ranch Roads”. We felt as if the term suited the band well for the amount of “Farm to Market Roads” there are in Nova Scotia. So we’ve called this project “Market Road”. “Market road” is an EP concept focusing on the local surroundings of Halifax and places all over Nova Scotia. The EP will have 7 songs on. Our sound will remain the relax folk sound we have stayed with our entire journey. We chose to do an EP because in our opinion it much better to have 7 solid, good songs then 14 songs that are half good half okay. We…show more content…
Paid rehearsal space won’t be needed because we have always used Moe’s place to practice. No funds will be needed towards that. We have the EP in the works but not completed, we will spend the next couple of months finishing the EP. Funds will be needed for studio time and a engineer. No paid producer will be on this EP, it will be self-produced. For our choice in studio, we’ve decided to record at Echo Lake Studio. Echo Lake Studio has a good location and a nice setting to record an EP. Daniel Ledwell is the engineer at Echo Lake Studio and has recorded similar music to ours before, therefore I think he’s more than capable of capturing our sound. We plan to have our music record ready when we go into the studio, but will only be able to record at specific times due to daytime jobs.The EP will be no longer than 35 minutes long, it will likely under 30 minutes. We think this can be recorded in a 65 hour total record time. Which would add up to roughly 2,600$ at 40$ an hour in the studio. We think this timeframe is
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