Market Segmentation – Classifying Customers

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Unit 3: Marketing travel and tourism

Task 3 (AO3)


Overview: Market segmentation can be done in various ways. Most companies choose to use not just one but a combination of methods:

1.Demographic segmentation
Demographics is the study of the make-up of the population. Demographic trends illustrate how the population is changing. Factors that affect the make-up of the population include the birth rate and life expectancy. When demographic segmentation is used, consumers are grouped according to: Age Gender Ethnic grouping

2.Socio-economic segmentation
In this method of segmentation the population is divided according to socio-economic grouping. These groupings are based on occupation, not
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• From these resources you will be able to identify the two main target markets of the Alton Towers resort. • It is essential that you describe the two main target markets in detail. • You must include information on the socio-economic factors (ABC1C2DE and % figures) • You must include information on the demographic factors (ages, male/female ratios). You should make links to facts like those visitors aged 0-7 are likely to be with those aged 25-44 for example. • You must include information on geographic factors like where the visitors come from and how they are likely to be targeted (marketing methods). • You must include information on psychographic factors such as the customer types. When writing this section you must make specific links to relevant products and services suitable for the customer types.

Check your assignment continually against the specification and the grading criteria to show your understanding of the requirements of this Assessment Objective AO3.


Student Declaration:

Evidence for your portfolio

o A detailed assignment on the market segments targeted by Alton Towers including all four
Market Segmentation – classifying customers

In order to market their products effectively, T&T

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