Market Segmentation : Customer 's Needs, Wants And Resistances

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2. Market segmentation Jobs focused on identification and characterization of users groups. Changing from retailers to costumers needs. The product review revealed how unfocused Apple had become. The company was churning out multiple version of each product because of bureaucratic momentum and to satisfy the whims of retailers. One of the most important objectives is to develop mix that is focused on and matches the needs/wants of targeted segments. He defined two segments professionals and consumers. Then he understand segment customer 's needs, wants and resistances. He selected target markets and set of solution to each of it than was focused on user behavior market segmentation parameters. 3. Customer 's characterization Jobs realized that Apple had a dozen version of the Macintosh, each with a different confusing number, from 1400 to 9600. To figure out what the special characterization it took weeks to explain. Jobs finally was confusing by asking the question "Which ones do I tell my friend to buy? When he was not getting a simple answer he decide to slash away at models and products. To do this he first of all started to understand what customer 's characterization. Apple got an access to its database of customers when it reach a deal with Power Computing to relinquish its license. What type of costumers, what are there functional needs, what are their present solutions? The answer to these questions Jobs understand that the market do not buy products, customers buy

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