Market Segmentation: Essay

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Market can divide in to 3 such as individuals, families and tourists, individuals mainly businessman and students and workers .laubeck is residential area so there large number family all so. luebeck old historic city there are tremendous flow of tourist all so .families make the majority of business at dinner time . Individuals making up majority business on breakfast lunch time. viyoga is unique vegetarian theme stands in casual niche market in restaurant industry .There are very limited competition in the market against Viyoga because of the uniqueness and differentiation of the product .
Market Segmentation
Market segmentation is process dived market in to different groups of buyers those who has different needs, characteristic, behaviour those have required different product. There are four different types of variable use for the segmentation; these are demographic, geographic, psychographic behavioural and variables. Demographic variables are consumers divided in two different segments such as age, material status, family size, income, occupation, education level etc. Second one is geographic, consumers divided into different segments of geographical units such as nation regions, states and cites, etc. third one is psychographic variables consumers divided into different segments based on their lifestyle social classes and personality etc. fourth and last one is behavioural variable which is consumers are divided into different segments based on attitude,…

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