Market Segmentation and Product

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Assignment #1

“Market Segmentation and Product Positioning”

Southern Belle Pastries

Ms. Quinisha Story

Professor: Stephan Hiatt

MKT 500: Marketing and Management

Sunday, July 18, 2011

1. Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was elected.

Southern Belle Pastries is a start-up home business/company that was founded by I myself Quinisha Story in 2009, out of a small kitchen in Manassas VA.

Southern Belle Pastries sells cupcakes, and all sorts of small dessert pastries that are located online at and through other great media like Face book group page, and through immediate family and friends that also support the
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As a business owner there are constant things that need to be added or deleted down below suggests my SWOT analysis.

A. Strengths-

1. Very unique designed classy dessert products.

2. Good location in the suburban area of the Birmingham Alabama (280) only one cupcake Shoppe.

3. In house marketing ideas from interns/silent business partners/material gathered is not expensive.

4. Social media group/Face book/Twitter.

5. Southern Belle Pastries continues to network with other small business in the community functions.

B. Weakness-

1. Very well known category of products/ taste and flavors.

2. Not so many desserts to choose from.

3. When ordering Southern Belle Pastries needs to know what the consumer loves about the cupcake or other dessert products, ex: Cupcake flavors, Sugarless products maybe the consumer maybe a diabetic.

4. Targeting other demographic audiences,
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