Market Segmentation of Fruit Consumption Based on Consumer Lifestyle in Jogjakarta

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Market Segmentation of Fruit Consumption Based on Consumer Lifestyle in Jogjakarta

Consuming fruit is already a part of Indonesian people lifestyle. By that, selling fruit is a scrumptious business. But in fact, there are a lot of fruit seller who did not apply marketing technique such as market segentation in order to attract more customer and gain more profit. Compare with successful fruit seller such as KemChick, Fresh, and Total which can gain IDR millions in a day because they understand their costumer, the fruit seller in Jogjakarta (especially in Colombo street) they only gain really small profit. This caused by selling wrong type of fruit to their common buyer, they should cover more expense from rotten
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In nutritional studies the eating behaviours and food choice are determmined by an interaction of various different factors. These are biological and socio-cultural (availability, food prices, and culture) factors (Liming, 2004).
Schroeter et al. (2007) investigated the fruit consumption among college students in Arkansas and determined that demographic, lifestyle, knowledge on health and food culture were significantly related to the consumption behavior.
Neumark-Sztaines et al.(2006) indentified that the strongest correlates of fruit intakes were home availability and the taste preferences of fruits. Correlates of home availability included social support for healthy eating, family meal patterns, family food security, and socio-economic status.

Consumption and lifestyle shows that the traditional notions such as social class and gender are still highly relevant to a discussion of lifestyle and consumer behavior and may even be better determinants (Tomlinson, 2003).
Social classes possess varying levels of different types of capital (social, economic, and cultural) and that these are a major determinant of lifestyle and this will be represented in patterns of eating or varieties of leisure activities (Bordieu, 1984).

Types of Investigation
This study is using exploratory types of research. Exploratory research is conducted to provide a better understanding of a situation. One tool that used to investigate the
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