Market Segments Based On Region For Cowsmoo Milk Bar Essay

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There are three possible market segments based on region for Cowsmoo Milk Bar. The first segment consists of those residing in rural areas. This market segment would not be ideal for our organization. Rural regions have a low population, and the majority of people who live in rural areas are more likely to be indifferent about the benefits that our company offers. This indifference may be caused from their isolated, secluded location, and their lack of a pressing need to keep up with a modern lifestyle. Therefore we feel that rural locations wouldn’t result in as much business for our establishment as other possible locations. Another regional market segment to consider is suburban areas. On one hand, suburban locations would be feasible for our business because customers in these locations are mostly families. Young families will benefit from our product because it presents them with a healthier alternative to taking their kids out for traditional ice cream. On the other hand, suburban locations wouldn’t benefit Cowsmoo Milk Bar as much as our next option because our goal is to get people in and out quickly so we can sell a large volume of products. That suburban locations are not heavily populated will make this company goal more difficult to reach. Lastly, there are urban locations. Urban locations are the best market segment for our organization because they contain many people who keep up with trends and are health conscious. Choosing our location came down to two

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