Market Segments That You Have Identified, As Well As The Consumer Profile Essay

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A summary of the market segments that you have identified, as well as the consumer profile/s.
Flower company market segments are:
1. Demographic
2. geographic
3. Psychographic

Consumer profile/s are:
• Age: 25-55 Yrs old
• Education: bachelor
• first language: English
• gender: Female
• household income: $100,000 per year
• languages spoken at home: English
• marital status: Married
• nationality: Thai
• number and age of children: one and 2 yrs old
• occupation: officer
• activities: sport
• attitudes: positive think
• interests: technology
• lifestyle: Travel
• opinions: N/A
• political views: N/A
• values: A meal at McDonald 's restaurant
Describe your marketing mix for the company and its products or services. You should include a range of options for varying the marketing mix and address the following;
A description of the product or service including its key features and benefits to customers. This should also draw on your existing analysis and knowledge of consumer attitudes as identified in Assessment Task 2 and how this analysis impacts on the marketing mix.
Flower company products and services Explanation
Provided products and services include:
• Consumer guarantees
• Policy and procedure Products and services to many levels of quality, which has been recognized as.

• High level of security for a long time without an error.
• See that are acceptable.
• You can do all the things that people often expect them

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