Market Share Of Apollo Tyres: A Case Study Of Apollo Hughes

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In this project I have studied ‘Market share of Apollo tyres in passenger car radial’. Apollo tyres are manufactured by Apollo tyres ltd. In this competitive are of marketing where the satisfaction of customers towards the product has become first priority. It is very important to analyse the customers behavior. Every company determines the price of its products, sales promotion etc, according to the market requirement. Direct marketing is one of the effective medium sales promotion because it is directly releated to customers. With the help of direct marketing company enhance its brand image. Without putting customers on top, no company can get success. To get success every company should target customers because market is totally customer oriented.


At the successful completion of my summer training at APOLLO TYRES LIMITED in Kolkata, I would like to express my gratitude thanks to Mr. Rohit singh and all the staff member
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Suddenly, the customer had succeeded in capturing all the attention of the companies towards him, so much so, that the once famous maxim,. ‘customer is the god’ has become so true and relevant today. There has been a paradigm shift in the thinking of these companies and none other then the customer has brought this about.

Earlier there was a sellers market, since goods and services were in short supply and the seller use to call the shots. But, ever since the advent of the era of globalization, there has been total transformation in the way the customer being perceived. Today, marketers are directing their efforts in retaining the customer base. Their focus has shifted towards integrating the three elements people, service and
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