Market Share On Tech 3 And Tech 4 Products

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Market share on Tech 3 and Tech 4 products

Firstly, the company accounted for 18.12% of global market share by the end of all rounds. Thus, having made the company became number one in global hand phone sets selling enterprise. Furthermore, our company had dedicated to promoting Tech 3 and Tech 4 products to Asia and Europe since Round 3 and Round 4 respectively, in addition, our components had also focused on those two types of products since the middle of all eight rounds, which collectively made those products becoming the mainstream product in global market, which Tech 3 product constituted 41.38% and Tech 4 accounted for 26.89% separately. The reason of analyzing sales performance of Tech 3 and Tech 4 products is those two
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But the sales performance of Tech 4 products in Europe was promising. And the sales performance will be explained under the following part.

2. Competitive environment of company
Major competitors and their products constitution
The major competitive factor of this universe was price war, combining the data from each round, which each company’s strategy was to sell their products at a considerable low price, furthermore, according to the share price Blue had the highest market value, and Pink was the second highest, which followed by Fly to Sky. Those Top Three companies took up 44% of market share collectively. Consequently, those three companies would possibly become the vital competitors in a long-term strategy making.
Blue company: the biggest rival in market share of Tech 3
As it mentioned above, Blue had the cheapest manufacturing cost on Tech 3 products, which guaranteed them that they could sell their products at a relatively low price in any market, in addition, our company’s strategy was promoting Tech 3 products into Asia, which this could emerge the direct competitive with them, especially in Asia, which our sales volume was slightly behind them, 6518K to 6543K.
Pink: maintaining Tech 2 products sales volume in Asia, USA, Europe
Although Tech 3 and Tech 4 products had been dominating the market share since the middle of eight
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