Market Situation And Competitive Environment Of Zeus Technology

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Initial Marketing Plan
Zeus Technology
1. Market Situation and Competitive Environment
Zeus Technology is a technological company based in Chicago-NORAM and Shanghai-APAC in which Adjowa Karikari is the vice president of both marketing research and advertising. Our company has two main products that are called Flash and Infinity; flash is a laptop for businesses that embodies a high capacity hard drive with a high speed system and an expanded keyboard with presentation, bookkeeping, and databases. Infinity is a desktop computer consisting of basic components, 19 inch monitor, high powered hard drive with a database and programs for bookkeeping and manufacturing.
Important environmental forces that are affecting our company in the present quarters are our companies’ market share, brand demand, profitability, pricing, and media placement. In the current market Zeus Technology holds about 47% of the market share, this statistic is valuable to hear because it displays that the environment that our business is in is a superior one for our business to grow. Partnered with this, Zeus Technologies is also holding a 59% market share in our primary target market which is Workhorse; evidently this is indeed a positive step towards the development of our company. Through the performance report from our last two quarters, the consumer presence segmentation and the evolution of them is now clear to our company. Furthermore, Zeus Technologies did not initially meet the expectations for our

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