Market Size and Beauty Health Service

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Market size of beauty and healthcare industry means the total dollar amount of potential sales to all customers within this industry. The number of buyers and sellers in this particular market is especially important for companies that wish to launch a new product or service, since small markets are less likely to be able to support a high volume of goods. Large markets could bring in more competition.

The Singaporean market for health and beauty products is growing phenomenally in recent years. A blooming market Singaporeans are living truths of this, paying more for long life and good looks than ever before. We’re pursuing longevity with health supplements, vitamins and ‘healthful’
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This insight is one of the many garnered from a new survey on beauty products conducted. The survey was presented to more than 60,000 women.


Many people are spending more money on natural health and beauty products. We all want to have long and healthy lives, but we also want to look the best we possibly can while living those lives; and it cannot be denied that commercial products costs big bucks. Towards this end, companies have developed thousands of natural health and beauty products, in addition to the ones already on the market.

In an online survey of 4,000 consumers, 63% said they had done internet research for health and beauty products. (Prospectiv, 2007) Over 7,000 female panelists were surveyed by MR Pro about expenditure of beauty and health products. The panelists, from the U.S., ranged in age from "Under 18" to "55 and Over." Although responses varied slightly by question, age break-down of respondents was roughly as follows: 1% under 18; 20% aged 18-29; 28% aged 30-39; 44% aged 40-54; and 11% aged 55+.
AS Watson, the world’s largest health and beauty retailer, the opening of its 500th Watsons store in mainland China last week was symbolic of something far bigger than the opening of a single small shop. China is
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