Market Structure Analysis in Tanzania

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Market structures Analysis- Term Paper INTRODUCTION Generally the concept of market structures can be essential to marketing and economics. Both emphasize the environment in which these companies operate and its importance it has on strategic decision making. Economics is more concerned about the degree of market competition and the pricing strategies of these firms. Marketing, on the other hand, concentrates its focus on consumer behaviour. Basically there are four major market structures – perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, duopoly and monopoly. Market Structures categorize companies based on different characteristics like the number of sellers in the overall market, the kind of product, market share,…show more content…
Simultaneously with the industrialization, the development of industry, capital investment and increased productivity and know how the first barriers to entry were established. However, these were still relatively low as the process of industrialization was still in its early stages. Also increased international trade and increased interdependence took place, due to growing demand for natural resources, such as coal and oil. Hence a shift in the factors of production took place. Before the factors of production were mainly based on human and natural resources, afterwards physical resources in form of industry add on to this. Thus the high degree of sovereignty could not be sustained anymore, and the belief in the mercantilist idea started to erode. Nearly two decades after they were introduced structural adjustment policies continue to dominate public policy agenda in most African countries. In Tanzania structural adjustment programs dates back to early 980s following a period of sustained deterioration in social and economic conditions. A combination of internal and external factors contributed to systematic decline in manufacturing output and competitiveness. The stage of oligopoly

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