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1.0 Market Summary of Gucci Gucci is a brand that offers a modern approach to fashion, by aiming to be “eclectic, contemporary and romantic, through the representation of Italian craftsmanship”, as quoted through their official website. They offer high quality products, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction and profitable growth. They aspire to be influential, innovative and progressive through their key element of creating and empowering creativity. Gucci’s Public Relation’s sector is very important within the company as it is “interested in a share of voice and change in attitude and how efficient their tactics are” (Semansky 2010 pg. 32), they are important for analysing communication activities and also predicting what kinds of…show more content…
It is in this article where Bizzari addresses the operational transformation through the new shop concept, as well as the difference in the supply chain processes in the last six months. This shows the revolutionary changes Gucci has undertaken in order to maintain, whilst also adapt to their current competitors and their publics interests. Pamela Klein (1999) states that psychologically a company with a solid reputation earns the benefit of the doubt in times of crisis, therefore this is what Gucci builds its company upon and believes in terms of their current clientele - that many of their customers will be unsure of the process occurring but will learn to understand and love the new changes. As a PR professional, this provides for an exciting adventure for not only the brand but for the whole industry. 3.0 Opportunity/Vision Due to the change undertaken by the newest CEO, Marco Bizzari, Gucci’s vision is manifested through the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship, to develop an innovative runway collection and also by resetting the brand’s position in order to aspire and be relevant. Gucci wants to become more urban, authentic, contemporary, romantic and to change the publics perception by providing the best service possible and the greatest quality of products in order to create and maintain relationships. Having a

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