Market Targeting : Ethical Target Marketing

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Market Targeting Ethical target marketing is when a company aims for a particular group to people to advertise their product to. They do this by influence, notifying and guiding. On the other hand, companies that target susceptible customers are using unethical target marketing concepts. They are normally groups like children, elderly, and poor communities. All companies advertise and market to gain the interest of their targeted customers. Unfortunately, companies do not stand by ethics to reach the customers. They generally us falsifications and trickery to achieve their goals in sales. Most customers think they can trust the business to look out for them and not just be concerned with the bottom line in their sales. “Sure, we can still teach people that you should compete to win, but unless you play by the rules, winning means nothing. There are certain things you just shouldn’t do” (Liberman, V., 2003). Marketers have started to classify their customers based on a number of factors. They now direct promotions of products to different age groups, gender, race, and any other possible category they could put people in. Customer are divided into two groups that one’s with common needs and those who buy just because of the advertisement is known as market segmentation (Kerin, R., Hartley, S. & Rudelius, W., 2010). Companies know how to get children’s attention when advertising, they are a different kind of market. Although they do not actually have money to spend they, if

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