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Market based environmentalism is a term which concentrates on the attainment of protection of the environment by means of freely operating markets (Bruekner 2010, 61). Market based environmental policy approaches help promote both environmentalism and competitiveness by putting emphasis on the positive results rather than on the technologies (Bruekner 2010, 62). This essay shall explain the advantages and weaknesses of natural step and natural capitalism and why they are considered as market-based environmentalism.

The natural step framework is an approach for tackling environmental problems built on agreement and systems assessment (Bruekner 2010, 63). Its main aim is to make organizations move towards sustainability by developing a
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Also, there is not the issue where the society needs to be subject to conditions that challenge their capacity to meet their needs (Bruekner 2010, 65).

However, the main problem with natural step framework is that there is an increase on the reliance and consumption of supporting resources and the life supporting resources that are available are declining (Bruekner 2010, 65).

On the other hand, natural capitalism refers to the natural resources and the environmental systems that offer life support services to all living things. These services are of highly significant economic value to the extent of being precious and beyond price. However, business practices and public policies do not take into consideration the value attached to them. Therefore, natural capital is being lost and ruined by the careless and inefficient use of natural resources. Natural capitalism sticks to the promise of improved profitability and competitive advantages taking place because of the implementation of this approach (Bruekner 2010, 67).

The natural capitalism approach also has various strengths. Organizations implementing the natural capitalism approach will have the advantage of the decrease in operational costs, capital and time (Bruekner 2010, 68). Since less
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