Market for Belle Fleurs

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Business Description Our business is a flower shop by the name of Belle Fleurs. It is a retail store which means we purchase large quantities of supplies from a major distributor and we sell it in our shop to other customers. We sell a variety of things, some of which include flowers and bouquets of flowers as well as cards. Our flowers are local flowers in addition to exotic flowers that we ship from other parts of the world. These items will hopefully do well in the industry and help us to earn a profit. This business would be a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a business that is run by one single individual. I would be the owner of this small shop showing that it is a sole proprietorship. We will hire workers to do other jobs that are in our business. They will be assigned tasks that I may not be able to do. This business would be a new business. We strive to create this business into a successful flower shop. The way that we may be able to do this is through the use of advertising. We will use social media sites to bring awareness to our shop. Also, we will post flyers and posters around so that people are able to see our business. We also will have a newsletter that we send to people that would decide to request to have it e-mailed to them. This is so that people will become more aware of our sales and other promotions. We may send out radio and TV commercials to help with awareness as well. There would be a variety of

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