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1:0 Introductions There are many approaches in business today that managers can use to analyze the business environment such as SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, PORTER’S five forces analysis, four corner’s analysis, Value chain analysis, Early Warming Scans and War Gaming. However, many organizations use Michael Porter’s frame work to analyze business micro environment where the organization/company belongs. Business development managers/ Market Survey managers are mainly critical on analysis of competitive forces in the industry environment in order to identify opportunities and threats towards the organization so as to win the markets shares. As a case study, Buranyikwa Agro Farming Company Ltd uses Michael Porter’s framework of…show more content…
As a result, Buranyikwa’s products are considered to be the best and reliable in the market. 3. CAPITAL REQUIREMENT For a better competition in a new industry, an organization requires resources to invest in. Although, the company has invested heavily in machinery, it still has enough capital for marketing, inventories, product promotion, advertising, training and R & D which has helped in gaining competitive advantage. 4. ACCESS TO DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS Producing a quality product is not all. After goods have been produced they need to reach the consumers. These goods reach consumers through distribution channels which are controlled by the company. Buranyikwa Agro Farming Co. ltd, has managed to establish good distribution channels in major five zones in the country, namely lake zone, northern zone, western zone, central zone and southern highland zone. Through these distribution channels, the company has been able to capture the market easily as customers can access the equipments and services. 5. EXISTENCE OF LEARNING AND EXPERIENCE CURVE EFFECTS New entrants find it difficult to break into the market if there is an established operator who knows the market well, have a good relationship with key buyers and suppliers and know how to overcome market and operating problems. For the case of Buranyikwa Agro Farming Co. ltd during its entrance, it

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