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Marketing a New Product: Static Charge Phone Brendan Basine ii. New Product Development concept The three ideas I had were a new phone that has the capability to charge itself by being in a person’s pocket, a multifunctional stove that automatically does many cooking steps (IE: Flipping a burger over), or a safe chainsaw that shuts off and can’t cut you. Choice: Static charge smart phone The Static Charge is a new phone that is to be launched on the market early next year. This meets a need of any customer that currently uses and phone and has issues with it dying when not around a place to charge it (or doesn’t have an extra battery). The first thing to consider about this product are that the features will need to…show more content…
– The benefit of this will aid people who are traveling. Perhaps they are currently driving, and trying to find a place to stay or eat. It’s easier to use this app and have it use the camera to take a picture, then trying to search for it while driving by typing it into a search enginge like google. c. Built in phone projector. This would allow the phone to use the camera to project images on a wall or on the ground in a 3D fashion. – The benefit to the consumer is that they are able to have better viewing pleasure. Especially if a person wants to show a visual to multiple people at once. Intead of passing the phone around, or trying to all gather around the phone to watch a video. Users will be able to project what they see onto a wall or the ground for many to see. iii. Target Market It is important to have a strategy when making a product. Phones are used for various reasons. The different features, applications, and software will need to suit the consumers need. The target market for the new smartphone will includes young working class individuals between the age of 16-60 years. In addition, the product will be marketed to the developing countries with a confined target market of the upper and the middle class. In particular, there are many potential markets, considering that many developing countries are trying to adapt to the changing technology. In terms of the psychographic, most consumers believe that their original smartphones are the best and know a

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